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SCDAA Announces Recipient of New Research Scholar Program

The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. Research Scholar Program (SCDAA-RSP) is a two year research funding program developed to enable junior investigators to pursue and continue to develop research careers in sickle cell disease. $40,000 will be awarded over a twenty-four month grant period to research addressing clinically-relevant aspects of sickle cell disease in basic, clinical or patient services research areas.

The first recipient of the SCDAA-RSP, Dr. Nitya Bakashi, a pediatric hematologist at teh Children's Hospital of Pittsburg of UMPC, is passionate about finding out why some people with sickle cell disease have so much pain and what causes some indviduals to go from having pain periodically to being in pain most of or all of the time. Dr. Baskhi was instrumental in developing an electronic pain diary for people with sickle cell disease to study how pain varies between and within individuals and how it impacts multiple facets of their life. Dr. Bakshi is studying an individual's sensitivity to different stimuli using non-invasive Quantitative Sensory Testing methods and how it is impacted by pain episodes. She is carrying out studies on the reversal of chronic pain after cure of sickle cell disease following bone marrow transplantation to gain insight into how chronic pain develops in the first place. Dr. Bakshi also has an interest in how strategies used by individuals to cope with pain may impact the pain experience and quality of life. She is also involved in qualitative studies around the development of a web-based decision about treatments such as hydroxyurea and bone marrow transplantation.

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